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nly earned 6 yuan a month at that time. "Xu Guizhen´s family ▓was even poorer, they had to beg for their bread.Xu Gui

zhen, one Sunzhuang villager s

aid "We starved in those days, when people worked for the production tea▓m. I went to other places, begging for food with w

hich to feed my child."Starving

farmers had to▓ find a way to change their lives. And 18 of them in Xiaogang Village of Fengyang County in An▓hui Province c

ame up with what were revolutio

nary ideas for the time. In 1978, they secret▓ly carved up farmland and allotted them to househ▓olds. Each household was allo

wed to keep what they grew on t?/p>

r work I picked leaves from elm

坔eir own piece of land. This sounds simple, but▓ what happened in Xiaogang Vil

lage was a bold step towards rural economic reforms. The scheme was later promoted across the country by▓ the Communist Party of China after its Third Plenary Sess▓ion of the 11th Central Committee. The scheme was offici▓ally established in 1982, giving a big boost to agricultural production. Xu Guizhen said "After the farmland was divided up and handed over to households, ▓we had enough food and never went begging again."Zhang Xiu▓ying said "Life got better after we got our piece of farmland. We grew enough grain to feed the family, we didn't need to buy grain anymore."U.S. professor endeavors to present today's China through literary translationU.S. professo▓r endeavors to present today's China through literary translation11-24-2019 10:45 BJTNEW YORK, Nov. 23 -▓- When he was a boy in the 1970s, Charles A. Laughlin would sometimes follow his moth▓er, an adventurous cook in the home kitchen, to an ▓Asian market to find ingredients for making Chi▓nese dishes in his hometown Minneapolis, U.S. state of Minnesota.u walk"Immediately after yo


in, the s▓trong smell of dried fish or other kinds of pungent sp▓ices hit you right away. And it creates a s▓ense of fascination," said Laughlin, professor of▓ Chinese literature and chair of the Departme▓nt of East Asian Languages, Literatures and Cultures at▓ the University of Virginia.Those visits to ▓the Asian supermarket and Chinese restaurants had led to Laughlin's decision to study Chinese in hi▓s second year at the University of Minnesota. Now, for the 55-year-old professor, it has already been his "congenial career" to study and translate contemporary and present-age Chinese literature.EMERGENCE O

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